Companies We Represent

Pressure & Level transmitters for water & waste water (Lift Stations)





The Innovative UV Measurement People






Temperature and Melt Pressure Transducers, Smart Pressure Transmitters, Indicators, Rupture Disks



Ionization and Static Control Products

Ellison Sensors, Inc. 
Industrial Pressure Transducers
Cloud based productivity monitoring with accountability & sustainability
Widerhaus Sensor Works proudly manufactures liquid level transmitting sensors and related products. Intended for industrial process control instrumentation & solutions, our highest priority is quality design and workmanship. 

HunterLab instruments duplicate how our eyes see color.





Batch and Conveyor Ovens, Cabinet Ovens, Normal and Enhanced Duty Walk-In Ovens, High Temperature Furnaces, Conveyor Ovens Up to 1200˚F, Electric Fuel-Fired, or Thermal Fluid Heat, +/- 10˚F Temperature Uniformity


Ultraviolet & Infrared Flame Detectors

Surface Treatment Equipment for web applications

Thermal Cleaning, Polymer Removal

Signal Conditioners, Signal Converters, Transmitters, Isolators, Digital Indicators and Power Supplies and Alarms




We help companies transform hard-to-recycle plastic waste into clean, valuable feedstock
Specializing in recycling technologies and machinery for post-consumer and industrial plastics reclaim.