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Color Measurement



"The World's True Measure of Color"

Hunter Lab's color measurement instruments duplicate how our eyes see color.  They measure your product's color whether your products are bio-pharma, building, chemical, food, paint & coating, paper, plastic, textile, metal, gels, sign material, soap bars, opthalmic lenses.  The numerical values given by HunterLab instruments correlate to what you see.  These objective measurements optimize the confidence of your quality decisions.




Dual Isolated inputs, differential pressure, multiple self-tuning algorithms, plug-in outputs, self-tuning controller, Pressure/Temperature display, choice of process inputs, LED display, Alarm relay(s), "Fast Cal" options all available in various models.





Flame Detection- Ultraviolet & Infrared



Flame Detectors are designed to detect unwanted fires (hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon).  Many of our Flame Detectors are optically based, self-contained, microprocessor, controlled, high-speed, high temperature, utilize patented Fire Event Analysis, compatible with most alarm panels without controller, with electronics housed within copper-free aluminum, TGIC-Polyester coated enclosures available in various models.



Ceramic Heater Bands, Mica Heater Bands, Mica Strip, Electric, Cartridge, Air Process, Tubular, Glassrope, Foil, Ceramic, Crankcase Heaters, Refrigeration Defrost Heaters, Immersion Heaters (Screw Plug, Flanged, Tank Heaters, Open Coil), Storage Tank Heating Systems, Circulation Heaters, Process Air/Duct Heaters, Heater Control Panels, Switchgear Heaters, Bolt Heaters, Impedance Pipeline Heating Systems




Multiple digit LED displays, Thermocouple, RTD, mV, mA, V, and Resistance Inputs, Alarm Relay(s), "Fast-Cal" Calibration, Transducer Excitation Supply, Isolated Analog Input, Transducer Health "Test" Function Dual Alarm Relays, Serial Communications available in various Models.

Industrial Ovens



Batch and Conveyor Ovens, Cabinet Ovens, Normal and Enhanced Duty Walk-In Ovens, High Temperature Furnaces, Conveyor Ovens Up to 1200˚F, Electric Fuel-Fired, or Thermal Fluid Heat, +/- 10˚F Temperature Uniformity




Rupture Disks



Threaded tubular body, one piece construction, +/- 10% Burst tolerance, Burst ratings 750-15,000 psig, and re-disking are all available.


Static Eliminators



Our Static Eliminators are powerful and strong pieces of equipment whose construction satisfies all machine construction requirements and have proven their value time and time in the removal of electrostatic charges.  These instruments have the capability to eliminate static through bars (for roll, sheet and web (continuous product) processing, round tubes (filling machines, extruders), air flow (winding, unwinding systems, injection molds, circuit board production lines), air guns (spot charges expecially good for treating small pieces), in explosive areas, and more.  If you install a Slick Sleuth System, you know you have done the best to avoid oil spills and damage to the environment.




Thermal Cleaning System



SCHWING is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers all advanced thermal cleaning technologies for the removal of polymers and organic contaminations from metal tools and machine parts of any type and size. Whether using pyrolysis, thermal decomposition under vacuum conditions or a thermal conversion process in a fluidized bed, SCHWING masterall methods to clean components without any residues:


(GP:50, Blue Ribbon, RKC, Watlow, Eurotherm, Dwyer)


Beaon Industrial Group sells a wide variety of fine suppliers of transducers.  Many of our transducers are based on the proven foil bonded strain gage principle successfully utilized in thousands of applications.  They also have a unique design that incorporates a heavier sensor allowing a thicker tip diaphragm, providing a better linearity, and reducing costs.  We then are able to transfer those savings over to you.


Transmitters: Pressure/Temp./Level

(Blue Ribbon, Dwyer, Status Instruments, ABM, Widerhaus)


Beacon Industrial Group offers a wide variety of pressure, temperature and level transmitters from strain gage to ultrasonic or even radar.  The transmitters for the above lines provide easy solutions to a broad range of applications. 






Ultrasonic and Radar Measurement



ABM Sensor Technology is a leading company in non-contact level measurement.  Their ultrasonic and microwave sensors are designed for non-contact level measurement of liquids and solids and automatically adjust to a wide range of tank environments without user interference.


UV Measurement




How do you know when your UV curing system is working?  Current with today's leading edge technology, EIT's team serves the instrument market through design, production and distribution of equipment that measures and tracks process control information in UV applications.  Beacon Industrial Group makes this process even easier by providing technical assistance and training to make sure you find the best solutions to make your process more cost effective and efficient.


Industrial Device
(Industrial Metric)

The Industrial Metric team is a dedicated veteran run USA based business of experienced developers who develop and write well documented code on site in English. There is zero foreign content. Our manufacturing architect has over 4 decades of manufacturing process knowledge. We have the best of both worlds to support our clients in quickly becoming a Best Practices operation. We can deliver immediate accurate actionable data to make timely informed decisions to correct events before they become major issues.