EIT uses it resources to design, manufacture, assemble and distribute instruments that measure and track process control information in UV applications. EIT radiometers and on-line monitoring equipment provide UV users with the widest choice of instruments on the market. The right instrument helps you communicate with others about your process and to create a specification that can be understood and reproduced.  The radiometers are NIST traceable and are available in a variety bands. 



Why Use EIT Measurement Instruments


  • EIT has a world-wide reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality UV measurement instruments.
  • EIT offers ongoing technical support. You can reach EIT support personnel via telephone, fax, or email and receive a prompt response.
  • EIT uses filters and detectors in their calibrated instruments that are as closely screened and "matched" as possible, providing the user with instruments that read alike and give measurements that are repeatable and reliable.
  • Buying an EIT instrument guarantees genuine EIT factory service for calibration and repair (filters, detectors -- items that are proprietary that no one else can duplicate or replace).
  • Qualified EIT technicians perform all the work.
  • Turnaround time for calibration is guaranteed 5 to 10 working days, with 2 to 3 day turnaround typical. Fast turnaround service is optionally available at additional charge.
  • For every calibrated instrument, EIT logs a lifetime historical "service and calibration" record. This information can be accessed for the life of the product.
  • All instruments are warranted for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • All EIT calibrated instruments are NIST traceable.


Power Puck® II & UVICURE® Plus II


• Ideal for all UV curing applications including inks, adhesives, coatings and resins

• Establish the optimum level for curing; then measure and maintain this level for




Available in:

Standard Version-

100mW-10W/cm2; UVC 10mW-1W/cm2

Mid Range Version–

10mW-1W/cm2; UVC 1mW-100mW/cm2

Low Power Range–




• The UV Power Puck II measures 4 different UV bands simultaneously. The

UVICURE Plus II is a single band instrument (choose UVA, UVB, UVC or UVV at

time of purchase).

The UVA2 Power Puck II version for capturing LED sources in the 380-410 nm

range is configured: UVA, UVA2, UVB & UVV.

• Robust, easy to use with user replaceable AAA batteries

• Set up menu allows user to display data screen mode, graph screen mode or

reference mode, select units and instrument sample rates

• Includes communications package for transferring data to a computer




Power Puck® FLASH

EIT’s Power Puck® FLASH is a four channel instrument

that was developed specifically for rapidly-pulsed UV

sources with a frequency of 100-120 times per second.

The ideal instrument for short duration, high intensity

sources. Contact EIT for more information.



- Easy to use. (single button On/Off and Run)

- Easy to read data display of all 4 bands.

- Provides user selectable instrument default modes for data analysis and comparison, sreen and operational settings.

- Soft buttons are used for function selections, and are indicated on the bottom of the display for easy operator selection and use.

- A graph illustrating the accumulated energy impinged on the work piece as a function of time


Shown Above: MicroCure Data Reader

Shown to Left: MicroCure data collection unit



• Use in applications that cannot be accessed by EIT’s puck-size radiometers including

small piece, small conveyor, exposure systems, batch applications and small

dimensional objects

• Use to establish UV curing levels and monitor UV lamp performance

• Available in 2W and 10W versions



• Miniature radiometer: 1.3”L x 0.95” H x 0.25”T (33.00 mm x 24.13 mm x 6.35 mm)

• High sampling rate of 2000 samples per second

• MicroCure® is exposed to UV and inserted into the battery powered DataReader

to display peak irradiance and energy density values.

PALM Probe®

(Production Ambient Light Measurement)


• Use to measure system performance in applications where space is limited or the

UV source is difficult to access (such as label, web & converting applications)

• Establish and maintain a UV process window, coordinate readings from online sensors

and online displays

• Measure irradiance in production (high level) and stray hazard (low level) environments



• Measure and display peak irradiance, energy density and exposure time

• Wide dynamic range, auto-ranging and zeroing

• Electrically isolated and insulated probe. Contains no fiber which can break

• Locator kits for exact positioning are available

Spot Cure


• Monitor spot curing system performance

• Measure light guide degradation

• Determine optimum positioning of light guide

• Compare spot cure systems



• Measures UV irradiance

• Small size 6.4”L x 1.74” diameter

• Easy to use, extremely long battery life

(100,000 measurements)

• Adaptors support different size light guides

and allow repeatable measurements

3DCure™ System

(Guaranteed Uniformity)

Quickly and easily profile dimensional and shaped objects of any size EIT's 3D Cure™ Multi-Dimensional Measurement System. The system can produce up to 32 simultaneous measurements - perfect for setup and process verification of your UV lamp system.  3DCure™ can be used with UV lamps mounted in a fixed bank or on a robotic arm.  The collected exposure data for each sensor is displayed on your computer with the included Cure 3D™ software.  The software ActiveX® controls and allows customization and export of the data into other programs.



• Measure UV exposure on complex surfaces such as fenders, hoods, doors and

head lamps, wood cabinets, doors, frames, furniture, musical instruments, and

large dimensional objects such as airplane canopies, composite parts, shower

stalls, and boat hulls

• Use for both process design (allowing for uniform lamp positioning or robotic programming)

and process verification during production