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Procedyne is an engineering manufacturing company that specializes in cleaning systems for the plastics industry. Cleaning Systems completely remove coatings from all types of hardware and parts - with no carbon residue. Absolute temperature control and thermal uniformity permits cleaning of complex critical hardware with minimal risk of distortion or metallurgical damage. The use of Thermal Cleaning Technology permits thorough cleaning of even fully assembled components. Many standard sized models (large, small, batch, or continuous) with a variety of options are available to meet your application(s).

Fluidized Bed Technology

Fluidized Bed Technology employs pyrolysis to decompose coatings from the metal substrates. The initial pyrolysis reaction liberates a percentage of the coatings - typically 50-75%, generating pyrolysis off-gas. The remaining inorganics left on the tooling, as a carbon residue, are removed as the cleaning process is completed. The conversion of carbon to carbon dioxide takes place within the Fluidized Bed. With the inherent operating characteristics of Procedyne Fluidized Bed Furnaces, limiting oxygen is present in the Fluidized Bed for controlled carbon conversion.

The use of Fluidized Bed Technology for cleaning hardware and parts has several advantages when compared to other cleaning methods.

Cleaning Efficiency - Fluidized Bed Furnaces have a heat transfer rate similar to salt, making them highly efficient. It is the only cleaning technology available which can clean fully assembled tooling.

Potential Tool Damage - Fluidized Bed Furnaces control temperatures to within +5°F. Unlike salt baths, spot burning or oxidation will not occur in Procedyne systems. Because parts do not need to be washed, there is no danger of stress corrosion cracking of welding joints due to thermal shock.

The use of indirect heating allows total control over the combustion process. Tooling is not exposed to the direct flame.

Environmental Considerations - Fluidized Bed Furnaces generate no solid waste, and when used in conjunction with an optimal Afterburner, it will meet State and Federal clean air requirements in all 50 States.

Equally important is the operating environment. Aluminum oxide and sand particles are inert and nontoxic and have no danger of explosion.

Operating Economics - Fluidized Bed Systems may be turned off when not in use, resulting in lower energy costs and operation. The aluminum oxide particles have an infinite life and consumable costs are very low. Because there is no solid waste generated, there are no costs associated with hazardous waste disposal. In comparison, salt baths consume 2 pounds of salt for every 1 pound of plastic cleaned. Additional costs are incurred for removing salt from parts after processing, high system maintenance, and hazardous waste disposal costs.

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A wide assortment of tooling and parts are cleaned using Procedyne Cleaning Systems. Below are just a few examples. Please contact us about your application.

Types of Applications

  • Fully Assembled Dies
  • Static Mixers
  • Metering Pumps
  • Medical Tubing Dies
  • Fully Assembled Spin Packs
  • Spinnerettes
  • Hot Runner Manifolds
  • Nozzles " Pelletizing Dies
  • Breaker Plates
  • Injection Molding Screws
  • Barrels
  • Glue Guns
  • Melt Pots
  • and us.